Online reception widget and module. Creating and settings [Eng].

The online booking widget is a form which gives the ability to choose dates of arrival and departure and offering additional services to your guests (such as a promotional code and visa support). The approximate (orientation, colors and font can be adjusted) type of widget will be like this:

To create a widget code:
1. Enter the widget configurator and iframe using this link.
2. Choose widget orientation (horizontal / vertical / with selection of several objects).
3. Put the code of your accommodation facility in lcode line. You can find this code in WuBook in the part Settings > Site. Information about how to find lcode can be checked on the picture below.

online reception

4. To create a widget with ability to choose several hotels is necessary to select a type With selection and in the part List of lcodes and names to write necessary data in format – lcode1,name without quotes1,lcode2,name without quotes 2,lcode3,name without quotes 3 . Information about where to find lcode can be found on picture above. The hotel, which name is the first in the list, will be always situated in selection field by default.

5. Push the button Let’s go!
Further set the design settings and the text of the buttons, if desired:
In order to immediately see the changes in the widget, press the Let’s go! Button after making changes to each of the parameters.
In order to make the widget’s adaptation to the width of the mobile devices set the value of the Form Width to %.

You can set additional functions for your widget:

If you select Visas on the widget, an additional block Visa Support will appear, which will lead to the Visa module of HotelsPro. To get more information about working with visa invitations, contact Bnovo support team.
If the visa module is built into a separate page, you must insert a link to it in the field Visas: a link to the visa form.
In that case the Visa Support button will lead to the specified page of the site.
If the visa module is not embedded in the site (opens in a new window), you need to put in the field a link to the Visa module Hotels Pro.
The link can be found in Bnovo Visa in the section Installing module on the site. It is necessary to copy the address (including numbers) from the column Order module.

If you have a widget with an ability to select several hotels and a separate visa module for each object, write the links to the widgets in a field separated by commas in the order in which the lcode’s of the objects are wrote in the List of lcodes and names field.
If one of several objects doesn’t have a visa module, put a space and comma instead of the link.
For example: List of lcodes and name – lcode1,lcode2,lcode3.
If object with lcode2 doesn’t have visa module, in the line Visas: link to visa form it’s necessary to write –,[space],

Calendar of ability

If you select Large calendar under the widget, a calendar for the next three months appears under the widget, in which the guest can select the necessary period of staying.
The guest can choose any month to view it. This function is only available for a widget with a horizontal orientation.

Auto-update dates

Auto-update dates function will put automatically the dates of arrival and departure on the widget, offering them for the guest’s choice. Both dates will appear immediately. There is no possibility to choose only one of the items. If the dates do not fit the guest, he will be able to change them.

Cancellation of reservations

If you select Cancel reservations, the item Cancel reservation will appear on the widget. The guest will be able to cancel his booking created through the booking module by entering reservation number and his e-mail specified at the time of booking.

Promo code

If you select Promo code, an additional field to enter the promo code will appear on the widget.
The algorithm how to create a promocode:
In order to set up a universal or individual promotional code, you need to go to the Settings > Module Services > Promotions.
Enter your working title. Please note that the promotional code will be displayed on the online booking module after entering the code.
Select the discount In percent.
3) Enter a codeword or combination of numbers.
4) Mark the Active.
5) If desired, mark the No CC window (If checked, the guest will be able to book the room without providing credit card information).
6) For a universal promotional code, the maximum number of times to use can be 10,000, for individual ones, you define yourself.
7) Click Add a discount. After that, you can define the validity dates for the promotional code or fill in the guest’s personal information in the Guest tab.
You can check on the picture below:

speccial offer

Number of adults

If you select the Number of adults item on the widget, the Guests in the room field will appear with the ability to choose the number of children and adult guests. If a guest wants to see all possible options, he can mark the point It does not matter.

The minimum number of the nights
At the beginning the fields Arrival and Departure will be empty, but if the guest chooses the date of arrival, then with selected Minimum number of nights, widget will automatically expose the departure date in accordance with it’s settings.
The guest after switching to the booking module will be able to short the departure date.

The list of available categories

In this section enter a list of those categories that you need to bring to the booking module.
If this section stays empty all categories will be shown on the booking module.
If you want the widget to lead on the particular category enter it’s code to this section. If you have several categories write them with comma. You also can find this information on the pictures below:

The reservation page’s address

If module’s iframe is integrated in your site’s page, it’s necessary to enter the link of that page in this section. The online booking module is located inside the page of your website.
Feature: to install the module in this format, you should first contact the developers of your site to create a special page for the module (usually called “Reservation”).
The link to the iframe configurator allows you to insert the ready-made code into the page of your site without too much effort.
Advantage: the module in this format allows you to connect the Yandex.Reservation service without any delay in changing the structure of the site.

Yandex Metric and Google Analytics

The selection of this items allows to connect with booking module such counters as Yandex Metric and Google Analytics. To get more information about working with Yandex Metric and Google Analytics, contact support.
During the installation, the widget’s code automatically generated in the green frame. After the code was generated, it should be copied and pasted to your website. If you don’t have a specialist, who can make it, you can apply to the Bnovo support and give the administrative accesses from your website and FTP for widget and iframe integration.

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